Robert l. Bryan

I have been writing seriously since 2017, and like a faucet that has been left in the on position, I have not been able to stop.  I mainly write police books related to my career, mysteries, and thrillers.  I have also written several non-fiction titles mostly related to crime prevention topics.  Just about all of my books are set in the New York City area because that is the comfort zone I know best.

I retired from the New York City Police Department at the rank of Captain.  My Dark Knights series is primarily a memoir focusing on the very dark humor of police officers that was such an important part of my career.  The only time I abandoned my comfort zone of NYC was for Dark Knights 2, which chronicles the two years I spent as a Border Patrol Agent on the Mexican border.

I currently work as the Chief Security Officer at a New York State government facility, and I am an adjunct professor at a New York college, teaching classes in physical security and homeland security.

I hope you enjoy my work.