Dark Knights: The Dark Humor of Police Officers

Do you want to know what a day in the life of a police officer is really like?
Do you like dark, politically incorrect humor?
Cops to see people at their worst. They see death, tragedy, crime, and despair on a daily basis, but still manage to maintain a sense of humor. In fact, one of the primary coping mechanisms utilized by cops is humor. A cop can find something funny about almost anything, regardless of how tragic the circumstances. Dark humor involves making light of a serious, disturbing or taboo subject matter. It is sometimes viewed as morbid, cruel, offensive, and graphic in nature and is yet, still found funny. This is the story of the author’s twenty-year police career with the New York City Transit Police and NYPD as he presents The Good – The Bad – The Funny.

DARK KNIGHTS 2: The Dark Humor of Police Officers (Border Patrol Edition)

Police Officers are the modern day embodiment of medieval knights, going to work each day with a noble cause to protect and serve society. This quest is not limited to the cities and towns of this Nation. Providing the primary perimeter of law enforcement in America are the men and women of the United States Border Patrol. In an environment as physically and mentally challenging as the border region, sometimes, a sense of humor is the only defense mechanism in an agent’s tool box. One of the primary

Dark Knights 3 Completes the Trilogy

Police work is heroic, dangerous, tragic, and stressful. It is also funny.
I spent twenty years with the NYC Transit Police and NYPD and without a doubt, the funniest stories I ever heard were from cops. Cops can find something funny in almost anything, regardless of how dark or morbid. Dark humor is a necessary defense mechanism in policing. It allows police officers to cope with the insanity they deal with on a daily basis.

C-CASE: An Unlikely Journey from Transit Cop to Internal Affairs Bureau Squad Commander

Against the backdrop of the 1995 merger of the NYC Transit and Housing Police Departments into the New York City Police Department, this is the story of a transit police lieutenant who abruptly finds himself performing a job no cop wants to do—namely, investigating other cops. Complicating the situation is the fact that the lieutenant has no prior investigative experience but is thrust into command of a squad of seasoned NYPD investigators. The Lieutenant must deftly walk a tightrope of managing his squad while learning how to perform the wide range of investigations conducted by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Conductor: The Heart & Soul of the Railroad

This is the story of one of the more fabled occupations in America – the railroad conductor. This book traces the origin of the railroad and the occupation as well as the conductor as a subject of folklore and the media. Additionally, the pathways to a career as a conductor are fully explored.

The Last Day: A nuke has been smuggled into NYC. It’s shaping up to be a helluva last day for one veteran cop – and perhaps for the entire city

A nuclear threat. A race against time. Can NYPD’s finest save Manhattan from annihilation?
Bobby Moylan wishes this shift wasn’t his last. Years after a drunk driver killed his family, his life-saving distraction of work with the NYPD is coming to a close. But when he discovers an Islamic terrorist plot against his city, his final hours on the job could turn explosive…

Joey Galeno misses the days when he could count on his partner. Years removed from working with Moylan, the counterterrorism expert hopes to get something solid from his new, unreliable undercover agent. As it becomes clear a nuclear threat is imminent, Galeno has no choice but to trust his fellow agent to preserve millions of lives…

As the clock counts down to obliteration, can Moylan and Galeno take out the deadly cell before extremists trigger an urban nuclear Armageddon?

The Last Day is a gripping terrorist thriller. If you like clever heroes, high-stakes action, and character-driven tension, then you’ll love Robert L. Bryan’s explosive novel.

The Last Apostle: A terror of a wholly new kind is winding its way through the backstreets and crime networks of New York City; a culmination of decades of unrest, an unholy alliance of age-old grudges, and a newly-sophisticated syndicate of evil which promises to spread fear and mayhem throughout the country and its governmental forces.

How will the NYPD and FBI cope when so many of their worst fears are realized, and the sum of all they’ve prepared for turns out to be more deadly, more driven, and more hate-filled than they ever imagined?

The Last Apostle drops its readers once again in the heart of New York City’s darkest corners – a city on edge, its citizens somehow aware of the terror which is bubbling beneath the surface of its streets and systems, and yet unknowing of how deep the threat actually goes. The city has been rocked by a series of ISIS atrocities, which have lit a rocket beneath Joey Galeno, Jimmy Boy Craig and the Joint Terrorist Task Force, firing them into action on a mission to bring the responsible to justice. However, a drastic and unexpected twist awaits: there’s a deep and hateful connection between the Islamist attackers and the fearsome INFA – the Irish National Freedom Army – who are flying the flag of the IRA in the heart of Queens, New York. Could it be that ISIS and the IRA have joined forces against a common enemy, in an effort to bring New York to its knees?

The Last Apostle is a breathless thriller which packs in more twists and turns than a high-octane rollercoaster, and which takes off from where author Robert L. Bryan left us at the end The Last Day, his readers still reeling from the annihilation and danger that haunted the pages of that superb crime novel. We rejoin the newly promoted NYPD Deputy Chief, Ellen Tomlinson, Lieutenant Joey Galeno, and FBI Agent Jimmy Craig – who have barely recovered from their previous brushes with death and the criminal underworld – on a new mission, even more deadly, terrifying, and far-reaching than anything they’ve faced before. In The Last Apostle, Bryan takes the suspense to new heights with his deftly-written prose… and readers of top-drawer crime fiction won’t be able to put it down until its devastating and adrenaline-fueled finale.

From the very first pages of The Last Apostle, readers will be thrown into a series of literary explosions, set pieces, and shocking twists which leave their pulses racing and their eyes eager for more. This is a crime novel which takes the thriller genre to a whole new level, and consistently shocks, surprises, amazes, and intrigues with each and every chapter. Robert L. Bryan is a powerhouse of storytelling, and The Last Apostle is his best work yet.

Missing: A Finn Delaney New York City Mystery Book 1

Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to. However, when push comes to shove, we’ve all got to pull on everything we have to do what’s right… as well as to unravel the mysteries we stumble upon, and solve the crimes that form shadows in the darkest parts of our cities.
In Missing, private detective Finn Delaney leads us through a tale of danger, darkness, and corruption, and he seems to be way, way, way off the course he expected to find himself on. We’re taken on a journey into a spiderweb of international crime, and through the murkiest corners of New York City.

Finn is a man who had his hopes, dreams, and family tradition of police work snatched from him, and who has to deal with his lot the best way he can. We follow his journey into the world of private eye detecting, and feel his frustration at not following the previous four generations of his family into the NYPD. However, things quickly take a turn for the surprising… and we’re taken on a roller coaster ride of dark turns and shocking twists.

Finn’s lack of enthusiasm for his new job as a private detective is palpable. In over his head, out of his depth, and totally lacking experience, the shock that Finn gets when a vast, sprawling case lands in his lap is a truly thrilling one. With a price on his head, and the flood level of murderous danger and revenge constantly rising, Finn works his way through the network of lies and peril, and finds his calling as a PI.

With a missing girl, some dodgy cops, and a case which continues to become more than it first appears, Finn Delaney has more on his plate than he expected. With the clock ticking, and a personal vendetta against him, can this frustrated detective solve the mystery? Or will it take him to places he might not be ready to face, and challenge the pride his family had always held in the NYPD? Make no mistake, this is a crime novel for today’s discerning reader, and with its undercurrents of suspicious communities, endemic police corruption, and plenty of dynamic comic relief (especially in the form of Finn Delaney’s best friend, Kevin), it zips along at a breakneck pace that will keep even the most jaded reader on the edge of their seat.

Crime: Quick & Easy Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim

The author uses his forty years of law enforcement and security experience to explain to the reader how to stay safe in an unsafe world, through situation awareness of various environments, including home, driving, walking, and commuting.

THREAT: Terrorism and the NYC Subway

How vulnerable is the New York City Subway to terrorism? What makes the subway attractive as a terrorist target? What tactics can be utilized to combat this threat?

Impaired Driving Shattered Lives

Good people sometimes make bad decisions. Such is the case when the decision is made to get behind the wheel in an impaired condition. Impaired driving shatters lives – both the victims and the drivers. This book explores the wide variety of impairments a driver can experience. It is not only alcohol and drugs that impair a driver. Fatigue, distractions, emotions and rage can also lead to tragic consequences on the road.

GETTING THE MESSAGE: 50 Quick & Easy Tips for Effective Public Speaking

At one time or another, everyone is a public speaker.
Speech makers are not just those individuals whose professional careers are heavily involved with presentations. It’s also the best man giving a speech at a wedding, the coach giving a speech to his team, the PTA member giving a speech to parents, or the art instructor giving a presentation to students. Whatever the forum may be, everyone wants to nail their speech, and accomplishing this feat is no accident. This book provides fifty quick, no-nonsense tips to assist anyone to get up in front of any audience and really get that message across.


Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to. Tom “Hats” Hickey had it all. A fat NYPD pension, a pretty wife, two beautiful kids, and a big house on Long Island. A nasty divorce takes everything away, leaving Hats no alternative but to return to his one income generating skill – private investigator. In this first short story in the series, Hats gets mixed up in the seedy world of professional wrestling. Will he break the case, or will he be pinned for a three count?


Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to. Tom “Hats” Hickey had it all. A fat NYPD pension, a pretty wife, two beautiful kids, and a big house on Long Island. A nasty divorce takes everything away, leaving Hats no alternative but to return to his one income generating skill – private investigator. In his second adventure Hats goes old school with the unexpected help of a legendary detective. Is he up to the task, or is it all just elementary?


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