C-CASE: An Unlikely Journey from Transit Cop to Internal Affairs Bureau Squad Commander

Against the backdrop of the 1995 merger of the NYC Transit and Housing Police Departments into the New York City Police Department, this is the story of a transit police lieutenant who abruptly finds himself performing a job no cop wants to do—namely, investigating other cops. Complicating the situation is the fact that the lieutenant has no prior investigative experience but is thrust into command of a squad of seasoned NYPD investigators. The Lieutenant must deftly walk a tightrope of managing his squad while learning how to perform the wide range of investigations conducted by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Dark Knights: The Dark Humor of Police Officers

Do you want to know what a day in the life of a police officer is really like?
Do you like dark, politically incorrect humor?
Cops to see people at their worst. They see death, tragedy, crime, and despair on a daily basis, but still manage to maintain a sense of humor. In fact, one of the primary coping mechanisms utilized by cops is humor. A cop can find something funny about almost anything, regardless of how tragic the circumstances. Dark humor involves making light of a serious, disturbing or taboo subject matter. It is sometimes viewed as morbid, cruel, offensive, and graphic in nature and is yet, still found funny. This is the story of the author’s twenty-year police career with the New York City Transit Police and NYPD as he presents The Good – The Bad – The Funny.

DARK KNIGHTS 2: The Dark Humor of Police Officers (Border Patrol Edition)

Police Officers are the modern day embodiment of medieval knights, going to work each day with a noble cause to protect and serve society. This quest is not limited to the cities and towns of this Nation. Providing the primary perimeter of law enforcement in America are the men and women of the United States Border Patrol. In an environment as physically and mentally challenging as the border region, sometimes, a sense of humor is the only defense mechanism in an agent’s tool box. One of the primary

Conductor: The Heart & Soul of the Railroad

This is the story of one of the more fabled occupations in America – the railroad conductor. This book traces the origin of the railroad and the occupation as well as the conductor as a subject of folklore and the media. Additionally, the pathways to a career as a conductor are fully explored.


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