The Last Day – An Award Winner / The Apostle – My Work In Progress

The Last Day was my first work of fiction.  The story revolves around Bobby Moylan, a veteran NYPD cop facing his last day on the job due to mandatory age retirement. Years after a drunk driver killed his family, his life-saving distraction of work with the NYPD is coming to a close. But when he discovers an Islamic terrorist plot against his city, his final hours on the job could turn explosive…

Lt. Joey Galeno misses the days when he could count on his partner. Years removed from working with Moylan, the counterterrorism expert hopes to get something solid from his new, unreliable undercover agent, rookie FBI Agent, Jimmy Boy Craig. When it becomes clear a nuclear threat is imminent, Galeno has no choice but to trust Craig to preserve millions of lives…

As the clock counts down to obliteration, can Moylan, Galeno, and Craig take out the deadly cell before extremists trigger an urban nuclear Armageddon?

The Last Day is a gripping terrorist thriller. It was awarded First Place for Published Fiction in the 2018 Public Safety Writers Association Annual Writing Competition.

I am approximately 50K words into The Apostle.  It is not a sequel to The Last Day, but it picks up the story of some of the surviving characters.  Lt. Joey Galeno is up against a different terrorist threat.  FBI Agent Jimmy Boy Craig is back, not as an undercover agent, but as Galeno’s lead investigator in the case.  This time Galeno has to deal with another fragile, unstable undercover agent who he must keep in the role because of one unique qualification.

What I really like about fiction is the variety of paths a story may take.  I have written several non-fiction books regarding my police career.  These books presented their own set of challenges, but the finish line was always in sight.  I knew the story. I just had to get to that finish line.  With fiction, there are an infinite number of paths that will lead to that finish line.  Despite the fact that I am well along with The Apostle, I still haven’t decided on the final path to take to the finish line. That’s what I love about writing fiction. I’ll keep you posted.

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